Shidoshi Daniel Krupa

W.E.B.B.S. International Coordinator for North America


  • Shidoshi has now been training in the Martial Arts for some 46 years, he started his training under Sensei Ron Forrester in Toronto, Canada in 1974, Shidoshi then trained with Sensei Yamanaka in the art of Karate and achieved the rank of Sho Dan in this art.
  • In the early 90’s he travelled with Soke Michael LaMonica to Japan and studied the Hakko Ryu JiuJitsu system at which he attained the rank of 1st Dan.
  • He became aware of Soke Bryan Cheek initially through WKF and in 2010 he decided to become a member of WEBBS and now devote’s all his efforts in promoting WEBBS in Canada.


9th Dan Jiujitsu