Soke Yasumoto Akiyoshi

WEBBS Honorary President


  • Yasumoto Akiyoshi Soke has been practising Martial Arts since he was 7 years old, which means he has now be involved in the Martial Arts for over 80 years. He has acquired a vast accumulation of knowledge and experience.
  • Soke began first in the art of Boxing competing at regional level, he soon started his training in Judo.
  • After training and being awarded his 3rd Dan while still competing in Boxing, Soke realised that these arts were not effective enough during hand to hand combat. He had received several knife wounds in conflicts with Japanese criminals, who were prevalent during the post war years.
  • Soke eventually came into contact with Minaki Saburo becoming this great masters Student and Style master at his Dojo in Yonago city, practising Hontai Yoshin ryu and Kukishin ryu.
  • Soke has demonstrated his skills at the prestigious Tokyo Budokan as well as teaching the Japanese Police and Special Forces. He was also invited to teach in the temple complex of the Jinja Monks in his province.
  • Soke has travelled the world since 1981 teaching his unique system of Motoha Yoshin ryu.


Motoha Yoshin Ryu – Founder

10th Dan