Hanshi Evgeny Radishevsky

W.E.B.B.S. International Co-Ordinator for Eastern Europe


  • Hanshi Evgeny Radishevsky is the Founder and President of the «Bushin-Kai International», Hanshi began to his training in 1982 in the art of Sambo, during his service in the Soviet Army in 1987-89, he was engaged in hand-to- hand fighting, & in 1991, Hanshi became the champion of kumite of the All-Union hand-to-hand fighting federation tournament, and in 1992 & was recognized as the best Hand-to-Hand Fighting coach of the year in Ukraine.
  • Hansi met Shihan Bryan Cheek in Strasbourg in 1997 and became a direct student of Soke. Hanshi has organised many seminars in the Ukraine, Moldova and Byelorussia and also taken part in various WEBBS World Congresses.
  • Hanshi has been recognized as a «World Class» instructor in the World Elite Black Belts Society «WEBBS», as well as an international class «kyoshi» teacher in traditional Japanese ju-jutsu.

Vice President – Jukoshin Ryu International


8th Dan Jukoshin Ryu