Soke Bryan Cheek has decided to step back from the day to day running of the WEBBS organisation. He has asked Hanshi Anthony Robson (President of WEBBS) and the recently appointed Executive Committee to take temporary control.
All communications/questions should now be routed to either your appointed WEBBS Country Representative / International coordinator or WEBBS Executive Committee member.
The executive committee is made up of Senior instructors selected by Soke to ensure the long-term future of WEBBS. The following individuals hold positions on the Executive Committee:


Hanshi Anthony Robson – England

Council Members:

Hanshi Joaquim Villalta – Spain
Kyoshi Andy Makkofaides – England
Shihan Andres Sidler – Switzerland
Kyoshi Brian Aylward – Canada
Shihan Dwayne Diamond – Canada
Shihan Alonso Rosado – Mexico